Limegirl All Single Poly Gel Nail Collection

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Limegirl All Single Poly Gel Nail Collection
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Professional Nail Clips
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Nail Dual Forms 120Pcs
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Product Details

Limegirl Poly Gel Nail Collection


Long-Lasting: Up to 21 days + of lightweight and strong wear

Fast Building: 60-90 seconds by LED, 2-3 mins by UV Lamp

Easy to apply: Suitable for the nail professional & home user

✨How to Apply the Poly Extension Nail Gel?

1. Trim and clean the dead skin around the nail cuticle. (File your nail surface and nail edge to the degree that there is no shine on the nail surface. )

2. Use the cotton pad to dip 95% alcohol to wipe the dust and oil on your nail surface. and wait for it dry.

3. You can apply one layer of our Nail Prep Dehydrator or Acid-free X-strength Nail Primer before applying the base coat and wait for it to dry naturally. (This can let your nail design last longer)

4. Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure for 30-60 seconds

5. Choose a nail form that suits your nail size. Squeeze the gel into the nail form, the amount of gel depends on the length you need. Dip the brush into the nail cleanser, then brush down to create a gradual effect

6. Put it on the nail and gently push to the edge of the finger( Note that there should be no air bubbles inside)

7. Use a nail clip to fix it. Dip the brush into the nail cleanser, then brush the nail underneath. After that, cure it for 60-the 90s by LED or 2-3min by UV lamp

8. Take the clip and form and polish the nail surface and shape with the nail files

9. Apply the top coat, then cure for 2 mins


Everything you need to know about poly nail gel  (Frequently asked questions & answers) Read This

🌹 Notice:

1. Soak the tube in warm water before applying if the gel is hard to squeeze.

2. Please avoid contact with the skin. In case of an accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately. (show the label whenever possible)

How To Use
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Verified Buyer
22 Feb 2024 10:58

I started off using a different brand of polygel and i wish i wouldn’t have. This is by far one of the best polygel I’ve worked with. It’s so easy and not as sticky as some others and it’s always very clear. However, I’ve noticed that it looks a little shimmery but I’m not sure if it’s the poly gel or if my clear top coat has gotten some glitter in it lol. I’ve been doing my own nails for about 5 months and i love beetles products.

Verified Buyer
Amy Lodge
21 Feb 2024 14:30

Just want to note I did this while I was at work and I am typing this review at work too lol (I work overnight). FYI: I am not a professional. I just love doing my nails. I wear Apres gel x natural stiletto long. So this polygel is very nice! It's soft but not too soft. Very easy to work with. I do not have slip solution so I used Alcohol (Good luck trying to get some nowadays.. ugh.) Luckily with this poly gel, you really do not need to have your brush extremely wet. I just dipped my brush into the liquid, drained a little off my brush, and filled my nails. I cured the poly gel for 2 mins in my lamp. There weren't any instructions on how long to cure it for. When I am doing my nails at work, I bring one of my smaller lamps and that one is a 24W. Cured perfectly. Just wiped off the sticky layer and filed etc. The first picture is after I removed the gel polish/art off my nails and filed. The second picture is everything cured with a top coat. I buffed over my nails after top coating. Third photo is my nail wiped down with nail polish remover (Nonacetone). :)

Verified Buyer
Clare Dickins
16 Feb 2024 04:40

I'm in love. I started doing my nails when the pandemic started and I should have been using this! I go between long and short nails.I'm in my short phase right now I cut my natural nails down and built a little length...I'm in love!

Verified Buyer
13 Feb 2024 18:07

I love this polygel! I'm not a professional, just learning to do my own nails during a pandemic. First picture is the first set I did. They lasted 3 weeks with no lifting and no chipping until I broke one on the last day. The second picture is the second set I did. I've had them on for a week now and I've had no problems at all. I LOVE doing my own nails and this makes it so easy!!! I use Beetles Gel Polish after I get the nails shaped. I did use the limegirl dual forms that I got with the set of colored polygels that I also purchased. Can't recommend this enough!!! ❤❤

Verified Buyer
Noah Richards
11 Feb 2024 07:47

I’ve been doing my own gel polish for years to help save money now that I’m a stay-at-home mom. Well, I decided to give the poly gel a try after watching several videos. Definitely has a learning curve but after some practice, it went really well! The only thing is if you are new, I’d choose a color other than clear for your first application. It’s so hard to tell how thin or thick the gel is since it’s clear, so I ended up with some pretty thick nail ends which are annoying, but it’ll get better the more I do my nails. They look overall fantastic in my opinion. Just be sure to watch some application videos before diving in! I painted the top with OPI Bubble Bath. Excited to try other colors of poly gel!

Verified Buyer
8 Feb 2024 07:21

Easy to use. I made my own colored polygel using this as a base and acrylic powders or gel polish. Also great for encapsulating is clear not cloudy and did not yellow. Lasted 3+ weeks with proper prep. Definitely would recommend and buy again!

Verified Buyer
Janet Richards
1 Feb 2024 08:38

Definitely the most viscous polygel I’ve ever worked with but it’s perfect for overlays and it is SUPER strong. No need to do like 1500 layers w this one, it cures really well and it’s not super sticky. It is thick so you really have to spread it on your nail but gosh darn this is incredible. Watch me order like 10 more lol. Ive been using poly gel for YEARS and this is hands down my favorite one of all time

Verified Buyer
30 Jan 2024 05:44

So far, this poly gel is the best I’ve used. It’s not a hard consistency but it is firm and that makes it a lot easier to use than some of the hybrid gels that border on regular builder gel consistency in a tube. This gel doesn’t soak up a lot of slip and so far hasn’t started lifting as a result of too much slip breaking down the gel. It did seem like it took an extra cycle in a small led lamp to fully cure (think Sensationail size led lamp) but it had no issues curing all the way through with the extra cycle. A salon-quality lamp would cure in one cycle. It shapes very easily, doesn’t break down under a 100 grit hand file: I’m impressed and will purchase more. The clear was so easy to use. This brand was a LOT easier to work with than Gelish or Mkrt.

Verified Buyer
Jodie mason
21 Jan 2024 13:10

This polygel is so perfect. Consistency is spot on not too solid but not goopy and runny and the clarity is perfect for any clear nail design you could wan 10/10 would reccomend will 100% buy it again. Price is amazing especially since it's a larger tune than you typically get

Verified Buyer
13 Jan 2024 17:24

I have been getting my nails done regularly for at least two decades. I have a very specific way that I like my nails (I’m autistic) and most of the time when I leave the salon I come home and fix them the way that I like them. I’ve become rather good at it lol Because it’s hard to get what i see in my head from a nail tech due to communication issues. I love doing my own nails and have been thinking about just learning how to do my own acrylics. Fast forward and I have a new job. I have no time to go to the salon but I needed a fill After a google search, I found this. I don’t know how I didn’t know that this stuff existed but I do know I’ll never go to a nail salon again! I do know how to take a good photo but if I get one I’ll post it later. Takes 3-4 minutes for a good cure A perfect peach pink sheer nude shade Easy to work with as long as you keep working it with slip. (I used 91% isopropyl alcohol) Recommend getting a Dremel (cheaper battery-powered is fine) No mess!!! Love it

Verified Buyer
Alicia Wood
2 Jan 2024 00:46

I just started doing my own nails during tbt pandemic and continued because mail prices these days are outrageous. This was my first time using gel and I can already tell I prefer it over acrylic. I bought another brand for the clear nails (beetles) to compare and I think Modelones slides on a lot smoother and isn’t as sticky. This gel is definitely good for beginners and I did one hand with nail forms and one without and I like it either way but it’s easy to use freehand. The beetles brand imo is way too sticky even with slip. I will be ordering more colors in the Limegirl brand and can’t wait to try out different designs

Verified Buyer
Maisie McMahon
31 Dec 2023 02:31

This is almost two weeks after applying them so they’ve gone though taking care of a toddler, tubing, hiking, gardening, and manual labor. I have tried so many kinds and for some reason this brand has worked best for my nails. This is the second time I thought this one and both times has been the most durable set of nails I have applied. Tip: when doing nails apply a rough(not fine) grit nail file on your nails before applying pre-coat.

Verified Buyer
Sorrell Vince
28 Dec 2023 10:23

I had tried a cheaper product prior to using Limegirl. I honestly just thought I was bad at doing my nails. I was about to give up. But then I ordered my Limegirl poly gel to give it a try and it worked great! It has a great consistency and it's easy to work with and it dries evenly. I would recommend this product for beginners or those who have tried cheaper brands in the past that didn't work.

Verified Buyer
Abi Ridley
18 Dec 2023 11:35

This is my first time doing anything like this and I did well! The color is nice, the quality is dope and it’s Uber easy to work with ! It’s going to take practice to get them perfect ! I forgot to take a before pic but I used molds that were like $10 and I had non acetone polish remover that I used as “slip solution” or the liquid that helps you spread the polygel! Looking forward to doing This again 🥰. For a better non smelly slip solution, use 91% alcohol!!

Verified Buyer
22 Nov 2023 22:02

Their kits are super cute and always work well. The base gel they have worked great with other gel polish brands. And the poly gel clear doesn’t yellow or even turn blue. It’s very clear indeed and I even use it to fix broken natural nails in a hurry. I suggest ordering a full kit and getting a couple of different colors to try. I also like the bean color. (I am medium brown African American ) it looks great on me and my light-skinned sister (high yellow mixed Asian) just to give you an idea. But I choose clear because I tend to paint the top and add glitter or other things like stickers.

Verified Buyer
1 Nov 2023 03:10

I liked this hybrid gel. It's decently clear, and it was easy to work with. I did experience a bit of lifting after about a week, but I was also working with my hands a lot and moving furniture. If you make sure to prep your nails really well (and don't try to lift a sofa lol) you should be fine. I would purchase again.

Verified Buyer
Rebecca Wells
20 Oct 2023 22:52

Barely had it on for one day, so I won’t be able to say if it’s long wearing. Product was easy to work with. I absolutely love the color, it’s the perfect nude, pictures don’t do it justice.

Verified Buyer
Becca Fazi
10 Oct 2023 03:26

I have been doing nails for years and I was honestly nervous about this product after using polygel from gelish since it came out. I was floored. I actually prefer this and it is less than half the price!!! Nails with this product can be made thinner and still maintain their strength! It does take a little to get used to it because it is more of a gel-like consistency but, this is the product I recommend to everyone now! Also check out their polishes!!!

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2022 17:17

Really pretty but you have to cure it like 120 seconds or they don’t cure all the way through

Verified Buyer
Cecile Nguyen
6 Jul 2022 10:09

Best clear polygel that I have used so far. Was not sure if it would be that clear as the other polygels get very cloudy after cured and encapsulate with glitter. But Modelones after the top coat gel polish you could see the glitter shine through. Amazing polygel and so easy to work with and it doesn't stick too much on your brush Which is a bonus. Will be buying some more soon I different colours.

Verified Buyer
27 Jun 2022 03:54

I love the opaque peachy shade to this; I've been looking for a shade that can be used to extend the nail bed without being too bright or pink, and this is perfect for that. However, I did find that the opacity and thickness made it hard to cure all the way through the polygel. When I started to file the nail you could see uncured gel under the top layers. Once cured though the nails are strong but still maintain flexibility. So far I have just tried this on two nail repairs, but interested to see how a full set is going to go. EDIT: having had a few months to play around with this I can hand on heart say this is my favourite new system and product! I always got lifting and breaks when I would wear acrylics, but you dont get that at all with this polygel. You still need to cure the life out of it because of the opacity but I can live with that.

Verified Buyer
Helena Jackson
15 Jun 2022 09:06

This worked well and is definitely a beginner-friendly poly gel. This was my first time trying polygel and the firmness of this gel made it easy.

Verified Buyer
Ann Childers
14 Jun 2022 21:43

I love polygel but I didnt have a clear so I got this based on reviews that it is clearer than other brands and it is, the clearest I have used so far so it can be used to cap nails as you would with acrylic. Definitely recommend this polygel.

Verified Buyer
Stefania Cukic
23 May 2022 13:03

I tried this because they are no longer offering Gershion. This brand is easy to get out the tube but a little too runny for my taste. I'm used to applying to at least 2 nails at a time but this will not allow me. It ran down my finger as I was applying to second nail. The finished product is 5star you just need to work fast

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